• Latin American Resources Ltd. (the “Company”) has been created by the purchase of Quetzel Energy Ltd’s (“QEI”)’s Guatemalan assets.
  • Latin American Resources Ltd. is focused on acquiring and developing oil and gas properties in Central America, with a current focus in Guatemala.
  • Operational infrastructure and assets in place – work camp, materials, etc.
  • Latin American Resources Ltd. has over 400,000 exploration acres in 2 blocks within the highly prospective South Peten Basin in Guatemala
  • Proved plus probable reserves of 2 .3 MMBO, with a further ~20 MMBO of potential
  • 2012 exit production of approximately 1,500 BOPD(1), with the potential to increase production to 7,000 to 8,000 BOPD through property development
  • Approximately $18 MM of capital has been spent to date providing a solid foundation for immediate value creation potential
  • Over $24 MM of available tax shelter

The company seeks to execute this strategy by:

  • Aggressively drilling and developing its extensive undeveloped properties:
  • Employing advanced drilling and completion technologies;
  • Optimizing returns by focusing on operational and cost efficiencies;
  • Pursuing strategic acquisitions with significant potential synergies and;
  • Wildcat exploration drilling for new pool discoveries.

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